Singing Hands become our new patrons

Tracy, Stephen & Suzanne with their patron certificatesWe’re delighted to announce that Suzanne Miell-Ingram and Tracy Upton, better known as Singing Hands, have agreed to become patrons of The Makaton Charity.

In their new role they will help promote and raise funds for the Charity. Suzanne and Tracy join our existing patrons Justin Fletcher, Dave Benson Phillips, and Allan Johnston.

Suzanne and Tracy were formally welcomed as patrons by our CEO Stephen Hall at their Summer Spectacular at the Hammond Theatre in Hampton, on Saturday 8th June.

Stephen said “Since joining Makaton as Chief Executive, I’ve had the huge privilege of talking with hundreds of Makaton users, their parents, families and teachers; and hearing the really heart-warming stories of how Makaton has helped to unlock the barriers to communication and opened new opportunities for individuals, families and their children.

Suzanne, Sarah (TMC Marketing Executive), Stephen & Tracy with a beach ball and a blow-up crocodile!“In all these conversations the one common theme across all these personal stories has been the awareness that individuals and their families have of Singing Hands, and the value they bring both in terms of brightening families’ lives and helping them engage and learn Makaton, in many cases providing those first critical steps in the journey of building a common communication base.

“Put simply, Suzanne and Tracy have been and continue to be inspirational advocates for the Makaton cause; and it’s a joy and privilege for me that they have both agreed to become patrons of The Makaton Charity.  The team at Makaton and I really look forward to working with them to inspire and help even more people to use this life-changing language tool.”

Suzanne and Tracy said “We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been invited to become patrons of the Makaton Charity.   We started our Makaton journey nearly 20 years ago when Ella and Miles were born.  As parents of disabled children, we both have personal experience of how Makaton supported our children’s communication development.  This is probably why we are so passionate about sharing the benefits of Makaton and how it can be used so inclusively for all. 

Suzanne & Tracy performing a song“We went on to establish Singing Hands in 2003 to meet the needs of our children, and those around us, in a pre-Mr Tumble world (can you believe there ever was such a thing!). 

“Along the way we trained as Makaton Regional Tutors and have been so lucky to spend the last 16 years sharing our love of Makaton signed songs, stories and games with families, nurseries, schools, hospitals and SEN groups all over the UK.   

“We have worked closely with The Makaton Charity on our range of resources and other projects over the years and have built up a great collaborative working relationship with their team.   As patrons, we both look forward to supporting the Charity with their vision and goals for the future.“

11th June 2019

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  • Fiona Cockram
    15 June 2019 12:49

    This is really fantastic news - Just love these guys just love interacting to their songs - Thank You

    18 June 2019 17:43

    Brilliant news congratulations Singing Hands are a wonderful group of people xxx