40 Acts of Kindness

Jared playing with dogs

I am going to do 40 acts of kindness for Lent for The Makaton Charity because Makaton has given J a way to talk to us. If you have any spare change to donate then I am aiming to raise £100 for The Makaton Charity. Without them J would have been trapped in a bubble with no way to communicate.

I am Mummy to J, aged 2. J was developing as many children until he was 9 months and then he stopped doing things he could usually do. Most of all he stopped sayingthe few words he could say, and stopped babbling. I was told not to worry as it would all come back.

Jared and his Mum on a beach As we got closer to 18 months I became more insistent that something wasn't right. At 20 months Jared had his first speech and language therapy appointment.

We began to use Makaton and PECS to communicate. J picked up Makaton very fast and could soon ask for drinks, food, more, bed etc. It opened up a world of communication for J and helped him be understood.

We are currently waiting for results of genetic tests to find out the reasons for this sudden change, and for answers behind other behaviours that J shows. Regardless of the reason we are just so happy that we have a way to interact and let J have a 'voice'. It is for this reason that we choose Makaton as our charity this Lent.

Our JustGiving page is: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/40actsformakaton

We also have a Facebook page www.facebook.com/mummyest2014 where I will be sharing updates, and a blog: www.mummyest2014.wordpress.com.

3rd March 2017

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