Local offer

Local offer

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Section 30 of the Children and Families Act 2014 requires local authorities to publish and maintain a local offer, but what is it?

The local offer sets out, in one place, what support and services are available for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. Knowing what is out there (like Makaton) gives you more choice and more control over what support is right for you and your child.

Each local offer should be developed by local authorities and their service providers together with children, their parents and young people.

Schools and organisations providing services will also have to show how they meet their local authority's local offer. Many local authorities are publishing examples on their websites.

What can I expect to see in a local offer?

The local offer will provide information about a number of things including:

  • special educational provision
  • health provision
  • social care provision
  • other educational provision (e.g. sports clubs)
  • training provision (including apprenticeships)
  • travel arrangements to and from schools, colleges, and early years education settings
  • preparing for adulthood, including housing, employment, and leisure opportunities
  • sources of information, advice, and support
  • arrangements for dispute, resolution, mediation, and complaints


Makaton is used in all of these areas and we would like to provide a series of examples showing how Makaton is being used and the impact it has. If you can share an example, please contact us.

How to get involved

Each local offer must be developed in collaboration with children, their parents and young people. There are a number of ways that you can get involved. This could be through school, education and health organisations or through your local Information Advice and Support Services Network (Parent Partnership Networks).

If your child uses Makaton, you need to make sure that Makaton is included in the local offer – get involved today!

Download and print the following information sheets. You may want to give copies of them to your school or local authority.

Our Makaton Day

Riversigners choir in action

Jacob uses Makaton every day, he has a SEN assistant who works brilliantly with him, and there are Makaton symbols all around the school. We held a Makaton Day to raise awareness and money...


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Local offer
other sources of information

Further information about the local offer is available from the following websites:

  • Council for Disabled Children
  • The Communication Trust
  • Information Advice and Support Services Network
  • Department of Education
  • Site maintained by the Snapper CMS