Member Events

We are committed to offering our members more value, and as part of this commitment we are scheduling monthly events for our members, to support with a range of topics that we know are important to you.

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List of events

Storytelling with Makaton

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 10am, 28th July 2021. * Using Makaton with stories within early years environments. Extending story telling through games and activities. Using Makaton with props and objects of reference linked to stories. Labelling stories wit

On body signing

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 11am, 4th August 2021. * Tactile signing with blind children. The importance of gesture and sign. Touch cues, adapted signing, co-active signing and on-body signing. Strategies for how to teach tactile signing...

Watch My Needs: Using Makaton to Support Memory

* FREE. OPEN TO ALL. 10am, 25th August 2021 * The new Makaton workshop, Watch My Needs, is designed for adults who are beginning to experience difficulties with understanding and recall, after having good understanding, recall and use of language...

Introducing Makaton into a preschool / school setting

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 7pm, 6th September 2021. * Where to start? Overview | Resources and practical ideas | Infrastructure and planning

Embedding and promoting best practice into schools and specialist settings

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 7pm, 13th September 2021. * Makaton profiles and person-centered approaches | Staff training | Greetings, who is here today? | Timetables, now and next | Emotions boards and much more...

Using Makaton with Animal Assisted Therapy

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 12 noon, 29th October 2021. * What is animal assisted therapy? How can animal assisted therapy help? Dog body language. Introducing signs to your pet..

Previous events

Recordings of previous events are available to Members (including free trial members) in the Makaton Library .