Themed events

Themed events

Fundraising Pack
Let us know what you're doing and we'll send you a fundraising pack, email fundraising@makaton.org

Treasure hunt Makaton style

Everyone has a Makaton treasure map to follow with clues using Makaton symbols taking you to different locations for children to solve. The child with that finds the most items of treasure wins a prize

Makaton Quiz

A quiz is always good for a bit of friendly competition, to test your general knowledge

On the different rounds; questions could be signed to the teams? Provided in a symbol format? “A which symbol is this?” round? Also a great way of refreshing your Makaton knowledge. Ask for a donation to take part.

Painting completion

Using a Makaton symbol design, incorporate it into their painting. Voting can be by everyone in the class/group choosing their favourite and the winner could get a small prize. Donations to take part. It would be great to see some of the pictures, tag on social media with #letstalkmakaton

Dress down day at school

A simple way to donate to the charity and a day away from uniform

Pay £1 (or other suggested donation) to come to school in non-school uniform, maybe think of a theme; you have to dress in something/someone that starts with M for Makaton or where yellow like our new logo.

It would be great if Makaton was used through the day, maybe symbols with the lunch menu or signing hello to everyone

Makaton “guess” at School/college/community fete

Have a few Makaton symbols that you pay to guess what they are, eg 10 correct answers and you win a prize or match the Makaton symbol to the Makaton sign


Practice the Makaton signs you have learnt and see how many you can remember in an allotted time.

Or learn one of our songs we have already translated on our website and see how much you remember

Film night

Do you have a local community space that could hold a special screening of a family friendly film? A small entry fee to cover cost and raise a donation. Selling snacks may also help raise extra funds.

Book sale

Collect unwanted undamaged books from friends and family and hold a book sale at your local school or community centre, donating the cost of the books.

How many sweets?

Fill a jar with sweets and ask people to donate to guess the amount and win the jar. Easy to do from your office desk or community event.

Easter bonnets

Easter bonnet competitions are a fun way for schools and groups to get involved. Set a budget to spend on making the bonnet. Arrange an entry fee and offer a donated prize for the winner.


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Try to imagine being him

Seth signing

Take a leap of imagination. Place yourself in the position of my beloved son. Walk in his place and talk in his place...


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