Makaton medal

Makaton medal

The Makaton MedalRun, walk or skip 5km for Makaton, whatever your ability

We have partnered with My Race to bring to you a brilliant Makaton medal via their virtual running website, myrace.run.

MyRace understand that everyone’s lives are busy with so many family, work and social  commitments  so they've created a way to let everyone keep fit and accomplish a personal goal: this is the joy of virtual running!

To sign up, go to myrace.run/race/summer-runnin/. Then run, walk, or skip a 5km distance, send MyRun proof that you have done this distance (after signing up for the medal!) and they will send you the Summer Runnin' medal and a Makaton goody bag - and they'll send us a donation!

Complete it by yourself on a treadmill or outside, or maybe get a group together from school, your local community group, families and friends together.

This is a great way to reach a personal goal or to get out with family and friends, taking time out to socialise and raise money for The Makaton Charity. And you can do it whatever your ability: there is no time limit, and you can do whatever route you want at any time of the day.

Just sign up for the medal first!

If you are not sure about a 5k route in your local area, why not check out the route that your local park run does? Or maybe laps of a school field?

We would love to see pictures of you taking part and with the medals, so don’t forget to include us when you tag your social media posts, #makaton


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Mathew and Makaton

Jill and Mathew M-M

Whenever I get irritated by his constant barrage of questions...  I remind myself about the years and years I waited to hear him say "Mummy" and "I love you" and I'm thankful that we managed to break through the barriers... I'm positive we have Makaton to thank for that!


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